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2016 Top Tactics To Generate Website & App Traffic With PINTEREST

Pinterest is growing fast, and offers more and better conversions as against some of the popular social media channels. In fact, it converts more than Twitter, which is surprising given the reach and ability of Twitter. It converts 3X more than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube combined.

The power of social media rose when paid marketing started losing out on conversions. There came a time when people did not like looking at ads for long, and the ads started to irk them. The need for social media was high at this point. With the rise in social media marketing, a lot of channels saw growth and potential. At such an hour, with its image based marketing, Pinterest gained more power against most other social media marketing tools. Many marketers have seen unbelievable results with Pinterest. Good audience and excellent conversions are just some of the things marketers have managed to say about Pinterest.

It is important to be aware of the basics offered by Pinterest, before you start pulling up your socks with the appropriate strategy. Before you begin marketing with Pinterest, it is important for you to know who you are targeting. Knowing your target audience and understanding what they want from you is essential before you get started with working on a particular platform. Most people want followers as fast as possible. This makes you concentrate on gaining more followers instead of improving your pins. For Pinterest, you need to realize that followers are not as important as repins and likes. You need to get more likes and repins from your audience to grow.

The third and the most important thing that you need to realize is that Pinterest is a powerful and very useful search engine. This medium tailors the way pins are seen by the end users. You can tailor the pins to suit the interest of your audience.

Now, that you are ready with the basics, let’s start understanding how Pinterest can help you gain more traffic.

Better your Profile

It is important to make your profile better on Pinterest if you are planning to win more conversions. Profile optimization will get you more engagement. If you are planning on improving your business with Pinterest, then you need to convert your existing profile to a business profile. Add keywords that will improve and optimize the profile to build the right contacts. It should showcase your experience, and help your audience understand what you do. Your profile bio should talk about what you do, and should include all the important things that convey your expertise.

Create & Optimize Boards

Creativity will help boost your visibility on Pinterest. Your boards need to grab your visitor’s attention if you want to generate more conversions. Clean & well-organized boards will help you build your user base. Describe your boards in as little words as you can; make sure your description helps deliver the message. Create boards using targeted keywords that will optimize your work and establish your presence.

Keep Pinning

Once you have the profile and the boards ready, you can begin pinning the different images that you feel will capture your audience’s attention. The kind of images you use will define the interest that your audience will have in your work. You should ideally use large, tall and eye-catching images that will drive the traffic towards you. When you are writing the description, try not to stuff in too many keywords. Work on detailed description that will use appropriate keywords and build your brand effectively. Include URL that will navigate them to the website you have so that you can maximize your audience on the website. When you are naming the images, you should use names that are search-engine friendly as well as easy to remember. Don’t choose names that are pretty common. Be creative in the nomenclature as that will help your audience know if your work is worth repining. When you are describing the pin, don’t use hashtags.

Pinning Strategy

It is important to pin with a strategy so that you can build on your audience. When you are using Pinterest, it is important to follow a strategy. How often should you pin on your boards? What sort of pin should go on which day? What kind of content should go on a particular day? You need to work on this strategy before you begin pinning. Once you have pinned quite a few images, it is time to revisit your pins and analyze if they did the work for you or not. Monitoring and tracking your performance is very important to keep up with your business goals.

By following these tips, you can engage your audience and keep improving your website traffic.


Insanely Powerful Results of Facebook Custom Audience

When it comes to marketing, only targeted marketing wins in getting you the desired results! The very premise of marketing lies in the concept of “Segmenting, targeting and positioning”. If you have not performed one or all of these activities for your brand, you may lose traction, which is essential if you want to flourish.

Marketing has reorganized itself to combat the evolving digital era. From being offline to going online in full mode, the transformation in marketing has truly driven the change in enterprises. Businesses today follow the digital marketing principles to increase their visibility and attract audiences to them.

In the midst of optimizing your business online, and marketing it through social media platform, you cannot undermine the power of Email marketing. You will see that emails are even now the best mode of getting your audience to view your brand, or your service just once. For e-Commerce business, email marketing is the sole way of getting more conversions. There’s nothing more happening than engaging your audience through email marketing.

Of course, if there are so many positives about something, you are likely to face some negatives too. For one, Email marketing is posed with the challenge of being crushed by the digital dungeon. There are several killers of email campaigns, who will not allow you to get the conversions you deserve. The amount of emails you can send out, and the number of things you can actually communicate is limited. If you send too many emails, you might end up being unsubscribed by your target audience. Again, you are never too sure about who you are targeting. Of course, this is not the be all and end all of your life. You can combine the power of email marketing with that of social media marketing to actually bring your business to the forefront. Combine Facebook ads with the power of Emails to bring out the best of your brand to the users. Let’s see how?

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook, with the purpose of improving targeting for the businesses, has come out with a concept Facebook Custom Audiences. The combination of this concept with Email marketing and Facebook ads would help businesses reach out to the right audience. The custom target audience is a rage that you need to capitalize on.

You need to export your emails from Hubspot, and other Email management systems as a CSV file. Don’t perform any type of segmentation in here. Once, you have done with the Emails, you need to define your audience i.e. the custom Facebook audience here. When creating custom audience, you can load the CSV file that contains the Email addresses and other contact details.

Defining the Audience

This is where you need to work majorly. You will need to define the Facebook custom audience who you want to target using the Facebook ads and email marketing. This will give you the perfect idea of who is likely to open your mails, and who will probably opt out of receiving your mails.

When targeting your audience, you need to seek quality and not quantity. Smart targeting of Facebook custom audience will help you get better interest.

The first part of defining your audience includes the location you want to track. You may want to specify the location where your audience would be present, or from where you want to convert. Second part of targeting would be age. Define the age group which you are targeting your business to. Interests play an important role too when defining your target audience. You may not want to lose out on probable people who share interest that is similar to your area of business.

How it Helps?

Custom audience allows you to target the ads to a specific set of people. These people are defined by their mail IDs, Facebook U IDs, phone numbers or other demographic details that they have specified. You get to define your audience who you want to attract through the ads. The number clicks, comments and even conversions increased with the Facebook custom audience.

The ROI improved for the business. With this feature, businesses were able discover their point of sale, and convert better. The social enterprise developing helps target better, and win more profits for the businesses.

9 Reasons why social media marketing is important


You have just opened a new business offline, and now you want people to know about you. Even in the traditional marketing age, it was not possible to expect customers to know about you without proper promotion of your business. You needed to indulge in marketing in order to make people aware of who you are and what you sell. This rule applies to the digital era as well. It is not enough to have a website! You will need to promote your website. The medium of promotion has changed i.e. it has gone from being offline to online, and more importance is being given to the online promotions as it is easy to reach out to your target audience online.

The basic rule of media planning applies to online promotions as well. You need to be at the right place at the right time using the right medium. For this, knowing where the audience is present is highly essential. You should know where and how your audience will relate to you, and how you should promote to them on that particular channel.

In the digital age, social media has been given higher importance as compared to other medium of marketing, as both the audience and brand are present on this channel. You need to have a social media presence established for your brand in order to ensure you have enough people coming to you. The best way to boost your online reach is by going the social media way. Let’s understand why social media marketing is essential for your brand.

Meet your Target Audience

The right social media marketing strategies will help you reach out to your target audience. Not only that, you will be able to interact and communicate with your target audience. Social media helps build real conversations between the brands and its users in a personalized way. This means, instead of just saying what your brand does, you have a more humanized relationship which helps build your conversation, and reach.

Immediate Responses

Customer service is the key to keeping your audience engaged. A good brand will make sure the customer service is effective. With social media making your customer service effective is less of a challenge, as your customers can report problems or issues with your product/service immediately, and you can respond with as much speed. When customers get immediate responses to their complaints, they are satisfied, and the loyalty for the brand improves.

Getting that Edge

It is to be noted that your competition is already building its user base on the social media platforms. If you want to get an edge over your competition, you need to share your content on social media in an effective way. Strategize the social media marketing as per your business needs, and the goals of social media.

People Will Hear You

When you just blabber about yourself through the advertising medium, you are less likely to convert. People don’t want to listen to someone bragging about themselves. On social media, you will be conversing and chances of your audience hearing you out increases. This is not a plain marketing machine, and hence it works.

Easy to Go Viral

This is the level field for those who want to attract attention and increase interest of their target audience. This is the only place where it is easy to go viral and reach out to more people. Social sharing makes you viral, which is enough to grab attention and increase conversions.  

Rings in Awareness

Social media works on the AIDA principle. It rings in awareness about your brand, making your audience acknowledge your presence. If you have included the keywords that are being searched for maximum times, chances of people getting you in the search results increases.

Increases Reach

You will target a certain audience, but it is not necessary that only the audience you have targeted will buy from you. There is another set of target audience waiting to buy from you. This is the audience you are unaware of, and you would be able to convert this audience if you work on social media marketing.

Improves Conversion

When you reach out to the target audience, chances of increasing your conversion rate are higher. The reason being you have reached the target meant for your business.

No Investment Marketing

The organic reach can be gained easily on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter without actually investing money. This mode of marketing is actually free, and you will get the desired business.

So, if you are not on social media than you are surely missing out some of the best conversions.

Social Media Trends that will Take Over 2016

Amidst scattered audiences, and diverse fragmented platforms, you need to reach out to your audience and be heard by them. At the outset, it does not seem to be a difficult task, but given the rising levels of competition, it is not really an easy task. When you have begun understanding the social media platform, it changes, evolves and strives to become something better.

The need to be heard is something every marketer is struggling to achieve. In the not so far past, marketers believed that social media was not an important part of their marketing strategy. In fact, they used to avoid it as far as possible. But, things changed, and today social media is definitely a major part of their strategy.

Social media is not the same as it was yesterday. It is constantly changing, and the different trends ruling this media are supporting the evolution. Numerous platforms are coming up each day to redefine your strengths and offer you better opportunities.

Improving Real-time Engagement

You have to live in the moment when you are working with social media. If you are working real-time with the social media posts, you are probably not helping your audiences much. You may argue that social media is already in the moment, and working real-time. Your argument is perfect, but then there are social media channels that build real-time conversations better than the others. There is a stiff competition for the real-time data availability between the different channels. Periscope is more real-time than Twitter; similar Instagram offers better in-the-moment updates than other channels.

Again real-time conversations help solve the problems easily and with better judgments. 7 in 8 messages in 2015 were not responded to within 72 hours, which caused major uproar in the social media world. From updates to responses, brands should consider doing everything real-time to improve engagement and loyalty. This is one trend you ought to keep up with if you want to improve engagement with social media.

Video Streaming Data

If you want to engage users with social media, you need to improve the quality of content and align with current needs. Social media is slowly leaning towards live streaming of YouTube videos. With the live videos, you can easily showcase offline events on the online landscape, which will help build your user base. A lot of apps have come up like Periscope and

, which have populated this live streaming niche. This helps build the in-the-moment strategies for your brand, which will help deliver the real-time messages to your end users.

Most live streaming channels will not be editing the videos they are showcasing, which makes them more engaging and interesting. Both Meerkat and Periscope are doing pretty well, and it is important to include both when you are strategizing social media marketing.

Social Commerce

With time businesses are going social, which will help improve your sales and profitability. Social commerce is the next thing that retail businesses specifically should move towards. Social media is where your target audience is, and it is the most convenient way to complete a purchase for consumers who prefer online to offline. If you don’t believe that social commerce is the next trend to take on social media, then here are a few statistics for you.

  • Facebook introduced about 360 Ads to offer better and dedicated user experiences
  • YouTube has included 360 Ads for better visuas
  • Twitter has come up with a Buy button, which is in the testing phase
  • Pinterest has also come out with buyable pins

It’s time to implement these in your social media strategies to improve your business online.

Alternative Mediums for Content

Content publishers will soon be gaining some interesting options to publish their content. A few months back Facebook came up with a new publishing option “Facebook Articles”, which appears similar to a blog, but appears on Facebook. This publishing option gives the user a freehand to write lengthy articles and leverage their user base on Facebook. Project Lightning from Twitter allows users to complete the publication, giving dynamic view to the users.

These are just a few trends that you cannot miss out on, as they will help you deliver value in terms of content and promoting your business online.

6 Ways Social Media Affects Content Marketing and SEO

Marketing is not just about selling, as used to be the case with traditional marketing; today marketing has more to do with increasing engagement and retaining customers than simply selling. Online marketing has redefined the word engagement by including terms like attention, retention, loyalty and finally interactivity. These words together have changed how marketers ought to reach out to their customers and engage with them.

You cannot chalk out a single platform, and call it “the one” to use. Online marketing depends on different methods that together help towards building your user base and improving your conversions. Social media is one of the most popular methods of marketing your brand online. It is the first place you would go to in order to build your brand online. The second method is SEO, which will help you boost organic rankings of your brand online. Optimizing your search engine data will help you gain the foremost position online. Google looks at your keyword optimization, and other related techniques to help boost your brand online.

The third is the content. Without content marketing, you may lose out on major conversions. You need to showcase content that will reflect your brand in the positive way. This is one of the most important parts, and you cannot avoid it anyway.

The combination of these three is lethal, and helps build your brand effectively. Here, we will discuss how social media combined with content marketing and SEO helps build your brand, and gives it the reach it deserves.

Improves Visibility & Traffic

This is the most obvious benefit that you gain with the powerful combination of these three marketing techniques. One of the primary goals associated with content marketing is to improve the incoming traffic for your website. Once people are aware of your website, it becomes easy to get them back again. But, the most difficult part is improving visibility, and making people aware of your website or your brand online. This is where social media contribution helps you majorly. You gain new followers, engage better with your influencers, and build a substantial network of followers for your brand.

Social Sharing with SEO

Many claim that social sharing affects SEO positively. But, that’s not true! Of course information from the social media channels is indexed, and this data is out in the open for view, but it does not affect your search engine rankings as such. However, the social sharing indirectly affects your growth on search engines. If your page is being shared on social media, it improves the chances of the content being viewed, shared and gaining visibility. This will eventually improve the inbound links and mentions, which will impact rankings positively.

Link your Rankings

There is a heavy positive impact of link building through social media, which affects your brand’s ranking capabilities positively. External links to domain help build your brand efficiently as against social signals. Of course, you should link based on your need and the output that you demand from the link building exercise.

Gaining Mutually

Social media and content marketing work together towards improving your visibility online. They can help build on the audience. The more followers you have on social media, the more your content is read, and the more hits you get on your website. Similarly, the more recurring and active readers you have for your content, the more followers you will have on social media. The two mutually benefit from each other. It is a good idea to keep building your audience effectively channelizing the different mediums and making them collaborate. Improve traffic to your social media posts and encourage followers to your content to benefit.

Keep Reviving Content

It is always a good idea to revive content rather than creating a new content altogether. The content on your site is permanent, and is valuable. You can increase the value of this content by sharing it once again. Use social media to revive it and increase its value. Have a content syndication schedule ready which will help you improve the value of your old content.

Monitor your Performance

With social media and SEO you can gauge the performance and quality of your content marketing strategies. It helps you keep a check on the quality, and constnatnly work towards improving it. You will get results that tell you how many people have viewed your piece, how many liked it, and what kind of responses was shared by them. You can reevaluate your strategy with the help of this.

While a lot of people are skeptical about social media, it works amazingly well when combined with content marketing and SEO.

Benefitting From Twitter Hashtag Ads: Startups and Small Businesses

social mediaManagement

Twitter introduced the hashtag trend, and made it compulsory for other social networks, including social media startups to follow suit. The whole idea of hashtag was to be found easily, and get more attention from your users. This is why other social networks accepted the idea of having hashtags. Of course, there has always been a debate between hashtag users, whether or not too many hashtags leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth. Some say too many hashtags lose out on the importance of the message, while others say if they are relevant then numbers don’t matter.

Twitter has constantly been using hashtags to build new interfaces with the users. It came out with hashtag marketing concept which helped businesses drive their messages to their potential target. Recently, Twitter came out with hashtag ads, which again is supposed to benefit startups and small businesses. They are organic conversations that will not just get the marketers message through to the person but also help in building the audience without spending too much money on it. Twitter has tried to ring in social media ads idea which uses organic means to attain audience, and combines it with hashtag to actually reach out to your target audience.

Twitter Hashtag Ads: How it Works?

The main purpose of Twitter hashtag ads is to promote your brand or search for relevant topics using these content labels. This new ad format that has been recently released is termed as conversational ads, which are nothing but promoted tweets. Let’s say you are a business, and have created an ad that you want to use to reach out to people. For this ad, you would have created several custom hashtags that can be used to build the reach. When these promoted ads reach the audience, the call to action button would include the custom hashtags that have been used. You can choose to promote the ad further using this call to action buttons of your choice. When you do so, your compose tweet box is opened, wherein you can add the message and send out the tweet. Basically, you choose from the several hashtags that have been created to re-tweet the ad. When you have re-tweeted the ad, you may receive a thank you message from the business, as you have helped them reach out to more people.

Your re-tweet will contain the image/video content that was a part of the original message. According to Twitter this new ad concept will drive more organic reach for the businesses. In many cases, the user who is sharing a particular tweet may get the hashtag wrong. But, that’s not the case with conversational ads. They will be re-tweeting using the hashtags, so they will not only choose the right hashtag, but also help the business reach out to more people with the hashtags on social media apps.

Hashtags for Businesses

Businesses can use hashtags to build their brand, reach out to more people, and build on their visibility. Of course to achieve this, it is important to use the right hashtags, and also to use them properly when creating your tweets. You need to consider hashtags when building your brand’s strategy.

  • Learn from Others: See what other brands are doing with the hashtag marketing. Check what hashtags they use, and how they build a tweet around the hashtags. You may learn a lesson or two about marketing with hashtags from how the others are doing. You can use broad and generic hashtags like marketing, or find hashtags that are relevant to your brand.
  • Simple & Consistent: When marketing with Twitter using hashtags, you should try to keep it as simple and relevant as possible. The tweets should connect with your audience, and should make them want to share it. Long tweets, complex hashtags can make things complicated for your audience on the social media site like Twitter
  • Custom Hashtags: For twitter ads as well as twitter marketings, it is suggested that you come up with custom hashtags that can be used and reused to spread a word about you, and how your business works. Custom hashtags will separate you from your competitors, and win you more audience.

So, with the power of hashtags and the organic reach that can be attained using Twitter hashtag ads, you are in for some amazing brand building strategies for your business. Will Soon Give Google Hangouts and Skype A Run For Their Money

Conversations are not dead; they have just changed the medium through which you communicate. First people communicated offline, with their neighbors or friends in the locality. Today, you can communicate and discuss with anyone that too anywhere in the world. With the digitization of almost everything including conversations, the world has indeed become a small place to live in. is the new on the block live streaming app which can be used to initiate a discussion and unlike Periscope, have a conversation with a friend. If you don’t want to talk, but want to watch someone say something interesting, Blab is your go-to tool. It is a TV tuned into the internet which holds talk shows, discussions, debates, and interviews for you to view and enjoy. It has taken communication through live streaming medium to another level altogether.

There are many conversations going on simultaneously on this platform. You can choose to join any one of these conversations, and enjoy them live. In case, you don’t get a chance to join the conversation, you can always sit back and enjoy the talk show, or live chat as an audience. It is not necessary that you have to be a participant to actually enjoy it; you can always enjoy it as a listener.

Video Streaming Apps: The Future

The video streaming apps are indeed the hottest thing in the digital market. The offer ease of communication with anyone across the globe, and accessibility from anywhere. The mobility of these apps is the icing on the cake. Skype has been the pioneer of live video conversations, and has been ruling the roost for a while. Let’s understand what Skype did different to involve people in streaming communication. After the world came together as a result of web 2.0, and the different interactive platforms, connection and communication became easier. People were increasingly adapting to the need for real time communication. But, this real time was limited, as it did not show the other person who is talking to you.

To bring alive face to face conversations, Skype created a visual messaging model. You can place a call to anyone added to your contact list, and talk to them. You can have a regular audio conversation or choose to video chat with them. This led to a redefining communication model, one that many loved. Skype became a hot favorite with many, but then Skype received a tough competition when Google came out with hangouts, and Facebook released its Facetime. Both the platforms, Google and Facebook offer interactivity beyond simple messaging structure. Skype was a niche in the communication segment, while the other two allowed you to go beyond communication.

With Skype you could only connect with people you know, or wish to; for both Facebook and Google, the social networking platform was the key in communication. This difference caused a major downtime to Skype. But, most people loved the video streaming interface and user friendly nature of Skype, and stayed rooted to this messaging platform.

How Blab Stole the Show? differs from all the three platforms we talked about in the earlier part. Blab is a social media and networking app developed specifically called video streaming app while it is more than a network. It is a room for discussion, chats, creating a chat show, streaming live videos, and even for communication. It is a combination of periscope and Google hangouts, which allows for conversations with audience participation. If you want to participate in a discussion, and there’s room available for participation, you are allowed inside. If there’s no room, you can always stay out of the session and watch it live. With blab the noise levels in a social interaction has reduced, and there is more meaning attached to a social conversation. This is a platform where relationships are built like they would be done offline. They are built on trust. It is bringing back the whole era of conversations, and making it easier for brands to have good and easy going conversations with their target audience.

Blab is a way of building conversations, and it is definitely changing the whole social networking platform for good. Let’s just say conversations will take a redefined and more mature route with networks like Blab as it promotes topic driven conversation.

Facebook Adding Tools for Ads to Aid Businesses Target Local Audience

From the age of Orkut, to the modern times where Facebook is ruling the roost, social media has grown tremendously. Social media has evolved from concentrating on broader aspects to boiling down to the niche. Now, there’s a Facebook that is set around a broad range of categories, and then there are those dating and other niche social apps and websites which have gained popularity from both users and brands. Yes, brands seem to be too fond of the social network, as they get to reach out to their audiences in a better and evolved manner.

A social media presence is essential for the businesses around the globe, as it is the only medium using which they can actually reach their target audience with ease and convenience. The main power of social media is derived from these main platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Considering the importance of marketing, social media has been induced as part of all marketing strategies. Statistics show that 86% of the marketers believe that social media is of utmost importance to their brands and businesses. According to marketers, if you have used social media to build your brand for a while now, then you would surely have increased the conversions for your brand. 89% of the businesses who have used social media as part of their marketing strategy have seen growth and improvement in the businesses’ profitability.

How Social Media is Useful?

From marketing purposes, social media is indeed important in combination with PPC and SEO to improve the visibility and profitability of the business. Your brand’s image is essentially important, as that will help you reach out to your customers. For this, you can use social media, as it helps build the trust and reputation of your brand. Again, social media marketing helps build relations and awareness of the brand in the target audience. You can create your own loyal audience group with the use of social media. The fan page on Facebook will help you create that loyal group with ease.

You are on the platform where your target audience is present. The right medium and the right time helps target better. When you combine the two, you help improve the brand recognition. Targeting your audience through social media will help you improve visibility and reach among the target. With social media you can create more opportunities to build your potential consumers and get conversions. The conversions rates, engagement and interactivity levels are high on social media. You have niche social media channels and those that are broad (Facebook). You can choose to use the platform that suits your target needs.

Facebook is an all-rounder here, as most of your target audience would be present here. Facebook marketing has always been considered important by all business to consumer type of businesses. The reason being your target is surely going to be present on Facebook, even if they miss out the other platforms. Facebook has both sorts of marketing choices- paid and free. The free marketing may or may not get you the desired reach. To increase your target audience, you will indulge in the Facebook ads, which is quite useful and convenient.

Facebook Ad: Global to Local

According to the numbers revealed by the company, the ad sales for the firm has increased by 45% on a year-on-year basis, and is currently at $4.3 Bn. Facebook has always targeted the global network through its social ads network. But, with localization hitting every segment, Facebook ad networks don’t wish to stay far behind. Facebook is all set to debut two ad products that are specifically for the local markets. These products will not just help you gain a better understanding of the local audience but also ensures that you get equal footing on the local market. This way, Facebook has tried to deliver more value to the businesses. Most businesses don’t want to move out of their local markets just yet, and Facebook has given them the opportunity not to.

This new ad product will also let the retailer know how far or how near the shop the user was at the time of using the product. Insights based on demographics will help know if the person was a visitor to the town or a permanent resident. This will help build the social site revenue along with the business revenue. These products will be set along with the banner ads network already present on Facebook.

This local reach would help businesses build more relevant opportunities which will in turn lead to conversions. It’s time for businesses to leverage the power of local. If you are planning a social media similar site development, then consider using these ads that will help build your business and revenue.

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