From the age of Orkut, to the modern times where Facebook is ruling the roost, social media has grown tremendously. Social media has evolved from concentrating on broader aspects to boiling down to the niche. Now, there’s a Facebook that is set around a broad range of categories, and then there are those dating and other niche social apps and websites which have gained popularity from both users and brands. Yes, brands seem to be too fond of the social network, as they get to reach out to their audiences in a better and evolved manner.

A social media presence is essential for the businesses around the globe, as it is the only medium using which they can actually reach their target audience with ease and convenience. The main power of social media is derived from these main platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Considering the importance of marketing, social media has been induced as part of all marketing strategies. Statistics show that 86% of the marketers believe that social media is of utmost importance to their brands and businesses. According to marketers, if you have used social media to build your brand for a while now, then you would surely have increased the conversions for your brand. 89% of the businesses who have used social media as part of their marketing strategy have seen growth and improvement in the businesses’ profitability.

How Social Media is Useful?

From marketing purposes, social media is indeed important in combination with PPC and SEO to improve the visibility and profitability of the business. Your brand’s image is essentially important, as that will help you reach out to your customers. For this, you can use social media, as it helps build the trust and reputation of your brand. Again, social media marketing helps build relations and awareness of the brand in the target audience. You can create your own loyal audience group with the use of social media. The fan page on Facebook will help you create that loyal group with ease.

You are on the platform where your target audience is present. The right medium and the right time helps target better. When you combine the two, you help improve the brand recognition. Targeting your audience through social media will help you improve visibility and reach among the target. With social media you can create more opportunities to build your potential consumers and get conversions. The conversions rates, engagement and interactivity levels are high on social media. You have niche social media channels and those that are broad (Facebook). You can choose to use the platform that suits your target needs.

Facebook is an all-rounder here, as most of your target audience would be present here. Facebook marketing has always been considered important by all business to consumer type of businesses. The reason being your target is surely going to be present on Facebook, even if they miss out the other platforms. Facebook has both sorts of marketing choices- paid and free. The free marketing may or may not get you the desired reach. To increase your target audience, you will indulge in the Facebook ads, which is quite useful and convenient.

Facebook Ad: Global to Local

According to the numbers revealed by the company, the ad sales for the firm has increased by 45% on a year-on-year basis, and is currently at $4.3 Bn. Facebook has always targeted the global network through its social ads network. But, with localization hitting every segment, Facebook ad networks don’t wish to stay far behind. Facebook is all set to debut two ad products that are specifically for the local markets. These products will not just help you gain a better understanding of the local audience but also ensures that you get equal footing on the local market. This way, Facebook has tried to deliver more value to the businesses. Most businesses don’t want to move out of their local markets just yet, and Facebook has given them the opportunity not to.

This new ad product will also let the retailer know how far or how near the shop the user was at the time of using the product. Insights based on demographics will help know if the person was a visitor to the town or a permanent resident. This will help build the social site revenue along with the business revenue. These products will be set along with the banner ads network already present on Facebook.

This local reach would help businesses build more relevant opportunities which will in turn lead to conversions. It’s time for businesses to leverage the power of local. If you are planning a social media similar site development, then consider using these ads that will help build your business and revenue.