Conversations are not dead; they have just changed the medium through which you communicate. First people communicated offline, with their neighbors or friends in the locality. Today, you can communicate and discuss with anyone that too anywhere in the world. With the digitization of almost everything including conversations, the world has indeed become a small place to live in. is the new on the block live streaming app which can be used to initiate a discussion and unlike Periscope, have a conversation with a friend. If you don’t want to talk, but want to watch someone say something interesting, Blab is your go-to tool. It is a TV tuned into the internet which holds talk shows, discussions, debates, and interviews for you to view and enjoy. It has taken communication through live streaming medium to another level altogether.

There are many conversations going on simultaneously on this platform. You can choose to join any one of these conversations, and enjoy them live. In case, you don’t get a chance to join the conversation, you can always sit back and enjoy the talk show, or live chat as an audience. It is not necessary that you have to be a participant to actually enjoy it; you can always enjoy it as a listener.

Video Streaming Apps: The Future

The video streaming apps are indeed the hottest thing in the digital market. The offer ease of communication with anyone across the globe, and accessibility from anywhere. The mobility of these apps is the icing on the cake. Skype has been the pioneer of live video conversations, and has been ruling the roost for a while. Let’s understand what Skype did different to involve people in streaming communication. After the world came together as a result of web 2.0, and the different interactive platforms, connection and communication became easier. People were increasingly adapting to the need for real time communication. But, this real time was limited, as it did not show the other person who is talking to you.

To bring alive face to face conversations, Skype created a visual messaging model. You can place a call to anyone added to your contact list, and talk to them. You can have a regular audio conversation or choose to video chat with them. This led to a redefining communication model, one that many loved. Skype became a hot favorite with many, but then Skype received a tough competition when Google came out with hangouts, and Facebook released its Facetime. Both the platforms, Google and Facebook offer interactivity beyond simple messaging structure. Skype was a niche in the communication segment, while the other two allowed you to go beyond communication.

With Skype you could only connect with people you know, or wish to; for both Facebook and Google, the social networking platform was the key in communication. This difference caused a major downtime to Skype. But, most people loved the video streaming interface and user friendly nature of Skype, and stayed rooted to this messaging platform.

How Blab Stole the Show? differs from all the three platforms we talked about in the earlier part. Blab is a social media and networking app developed specifically called video streaming app while it is more than a network. It is a room for discussion, chats, creating a chat show, streaming live videos, and even for communication. It is a combination of periscope and Google hangouts, which allows for conversations with audience participation. If you want to participate in a discussion, and there’s room available for participation, you are allowed inside. If there’s no room, you can always stay out of the session and watch it live. With blab the noise levels in a social interaction has reduced, and there is more meaning attached to a social conversation. This is a platform where relationships are built like they would be done offline. They are built on trust. It is bringing back the whole era of conversations, and making it easier for brands to have good and easy going conversations with their target audience.

Blab is a way of building conversations, and it is definitely changing the whole social networking platform for good. Let’s just say conversations will take a redefined and more mature route with networks like Blab as it promotes topic driven conversation.