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Twitter introduced the hashtag trend, and made it compulsory for other social networks, including social media startups to follow suit. The whole idea of hashtag was to be found easily, and get more attention from your users. This is why other social networks accepted the idea of having hashtags. Of course, there has always been a debate between hashtag users, whether or not too many hashtags leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth. Some say too many hashtags lose out on the importance of the message, while others say if they are relevant then numbers don’t matter.

Twitter has constantly been using hashtags to build new interfaces with the users. It came out with hashtag marketing concept which helped businesses drive their messages to their potential target. Recently, Twitter came out with hashtag ads, which again is supposed to benefit startups and small businesses. They are organic conversations that will not just get the marketers message through to the person but also help in building the audience without spending too much money on it. Twitter has tried to ring in social media ads idea which uses organic means to attain audience, and combines it with hashtag to actually reach out to your target audience.

Twitter Hashtag Ads: How it Works?

The main purpose of Twitter hashtag ads is to promote your brand or search for relevant topics using these content labels. This new ad format that has been recently released is termed as conversational ads, which are nothing but promoted tweets. Let’s say you are a business, and have created an ad that you want to use to reach out to people. For this ad, you would have created several custom hashtags that can be used to build the reach. When these promoted ads reach the audience, the call to action button would include the custom hashtags that have been used. You can choose to promote the ad further using this call to action buttons of your choice. When you do so, your compose tweet box is opened, wherein you can add the message and send out the tweet. Basically, you choose from the several hashtags that have been created to re-tweet the ad. When you have re-tweeted the ad, you may receive a thank you message from the business, as you have helped them reach out to more people.

Your re-tweet will contain the image/video content that was a part of the original message. According to Twitter this new ad concept will drive more organic reach for the businesses. In many cases, the user who is sharing a particular tweet may get the hashtag wrong. But, that’s not the case with conversational ads. They will be re-tweeting using the hashtags, so they will not only choose the right hashtag, but also help the business reach out to more people with the hashtags on social media apps.

Hashtags for Businesses

Businesses can use hashtags to build their brand, reach out to more people, and build on their visibility. Of course to achieve this, it is important to use the right hashtags, and also to use them properly when creating your tweets. You need to consider hashtags when building your brand’s strategy.

  • Learn from Others: See what other brands are doing with the hashtag marketing. Check what hashtags they use, and how they build a tweet around the hashtags. You may learn a lesson or two about marketing with hashtags from how the others are doing. You can use broad and generic hashtags like marketing, or find hashtags that are relevant to your brand.
  • Simple & Consistent: When marketing with Twitter using hashtags, you should try to keep it as simple and relevant as possible. The tweets should connect with your audience, and should make them want to share it. Long tweets, complex hashtags can make things complicated for your audience on the social media site like Twitter
  • Custom Hashtags: For twitter ads as well as twitter marketings, it is suggested that you come up with custom hashtags that can be used and reused to spread a word about you, and how your business works. Custom hashtags will separate you from your competitors, and win you more audience.

So, with the power of hashtags and the organic reach that can be attained using Twitter hashtag ads, you are in for some amazing brand building strategies for your business.