Marketing is not just about selling, as used to be the case with traditional marketing; today marketing has more to do with increasing engagement and retaining customers than simply selling. Online marketing has redefined the word engagement by including terms like attention, retention, loyalty and finally interactivity. These words together have changed how marketers ought to reach out to their customers and engage with them.

You cannot chalk out a single platform, and call it “the one” to use. Online marketing depends on different methods that together help towards building your user base and improving your conversions. Social media is one of the most popular methods of marketing your brand online. It is the first place you would go to in order to build your brand online. The second method is SEO, which will help you boost organic rankings of your brand online. Optimizing your search engine data will help you gain the foremost position online. Google looks at your keyword optimization, and other related techniques to help boost your brand online.

The third is the content. Without content marketing, you may lose out on major conversions. You need to showcase content that will reflect your brand in the positive way. This is one of the most important parts, and you cannot avoid it anyway.

The combination of these three is lethal, and helps build your brand effectively. Here, we will discuss how social media combined with content marketing and SEO helps build your brand, and gives it the reach it deserves.

Improves Visibility & Traffic

This is the most obvious benefit that you gain with the powerful combination of these three marketing techniques. One of the primary goals associated with content marketing is to improve the incoming traffic for your website. Once people are aware of your website, it becomes easy to get them back again. But, the most difficult part is improving visibility, and making people aware of your website or your brand online. This is where social media contribution helps you majorly. You gain new followers, engage better with your influencers, and build a substantial network of followers for your brand.

Social Sharing with SEO

Many claim that social sharing affects SEO positively. But, that’s not true! Of course information from the social media channels is indexed, and this data is out in the open for view, but it does not affect your search engine rankings as such. However, the social sharing indirectly affects your growth on search engines. If your page is being shared on social media, it improves the chances of the content being viewed, shared and gaining visibility. This will eventually improve the inbound links and mentions, which will impact rankings positively.

Link your Rankings

There is a heavy positive impact of link building through social media, which affects your brand’s ranking capabilities positively. External links to domain help build your brand efficiently as against social signals. Of course, you should link based on your need and the output that you demand from the link building exercise.

Gaining Mutually

Social media and content marketing work together towards improving your visibility online. They can help build on the audience. The more followers you have on social media, the more your content is read, and the more hits you get on your website. Similarly, the more recurring and active readers you have for your content, the more followers you will have on social media. The two mutually benefit from each other. It is a good idea to keep building your audience effectively channelizing the different mediums and making them collaborate. Improve traffic to your social media posts and encourage followers to your content to benefit.

Keep Reviving Content

It is always a good idea to revive content rather than creating a new content altogether. The content on your site is permanent, and is valuable. You can increase the value of this content by sharing it once again. Use social media to revive it and increase its value. Have a content syndication schedule ready which will help you improve the value of your old content.

Monitor your Performance

With social media and SEO you can gauge the performance and quality of your content marketing strategies. It helps you keep a check on the quality, and constnatnly work towards improving it. You will get results that tell you how many people have viewed your piece, how many liked it, and what kind of responses was shared by them. You can reevaluate your strategy with the help of this.

While a lot of people are skeptical about social media, it works amazingly well when combined with content marketing and SEO.