When it comes to marketing, only targeted marketing wins in getting you the desired results! The very premise of marketing lies in the concept of “Segmenting, targeting and positioning”. If you have not performed one or all of these activities for your brand, you may lose traction, which is essential if you want to flourish.

Marketing has reorganized itself to combat the evolving digital era. From being offline to going online in full mode, the transformation in marketing has truly driven the change in enterprises. Businesses today follow the digital marketing principles to increase their visibility and attract audiences to them.

In the midst of optimizing your business online, and marketing it through social media platform, you cannot undermine the power of Email marketing. You will see that emails are even now the best mode of getting your audience to view your brand, or your service just once. For e-Commerce business, email marketing is the sole way of getting more conversions. There’s nothing more happening than engaging your audience through email marketing.

Of course, if there are so many positives about something, you are likely to face some negatives too. For one, Email marketing is posed with the challenge of being crushed by the digital dungeon. There are several killers of email campaigns, who will not allow you to get the conversions you deserve. The amount of emails you can send out, and the number of things you can actually communicate is limited. If you send too many emails, you might end up being unsubscribed by your target audience. Again, you are never too sure about who you are targeting. Of course, this is not the be all and end all of your life. You can combine the power of email marketing with that of social media marketing to actually bring your business to the forefront. Combine Facebook ads with the power of Emails to bring out the best of your brand to the users. Let’s see how?

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook, with the purpose of improving targeting for the businesses, has come out with a concept Facebook Custom Audiences. The combination of this concept with Email marketing and Facebook ads would help businesses reach out to the right audience. The custom target audience is a rage that you need to capitalize on.

You need to export your emails from Hubspot, and other Email management systems as a CSV file. Don’t perform any type of segmentation in here. Once, you have done with the Emails, you need to define your audience i.e. the custom Facebook audience here. When creating custom audience, you can load the CSV file that contains the Email addresses and other contact details.

Defining the Audience

This is where you need to work majorly. You will need to define the Facebook custom audience who you want to target using the Facebook ads and email marketing. This will give you the perfect idea of who is likely to open your mails, and who will probably opt out of receiving your mails.

When targeting your audience, you need to seek quality and not quantity. Smart targeting of Facebook custom audience will help you get better interest.

The first part of defining your audience includes the location you want to track. You may want to specify the location where your audience would be present, or from where you want to convert. Second part of targeting would be age. Define the age group which you are targeting your business to. Interests play an important role too when defining your target audience. You may not want to lose out on probable people who share interest that is similar to your area of business.

How it Helps?

Custom audience allows you to target the ads to a specific set of people. These people are defined by their mail IDs, Facebook U IDs, phone numbers or other demographic details that they have specified. You get to define your audience who you want to attract through the ads. The number clicks, comments and even conversions increased with the Facebook custom audience.

The ROI improved for the business. With this feature, businesses were able discover their point of sale, and convert better. The social enterprise developing helps target better, and win more profits for the businesses.