Pinterest is growing fast, and offers more and better conversions as against some of the popular social media channels. In fact, it converts more than Twitter, which is surprising given the reach and ability of Twitter. It converts 3X more than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube combined.

The power of social media rose when paid marketing started losing out on conversions. There came a time when people did not like looking at ads for long, and the ads started to irk them. The need for social media was high at this point. With the rise in social media marketing, a lot of channels saw growth and potential. At such an hour, with its image based marketing, Pinterest gained more power against most other social media marketing tools. Many marketers have seen unbelievable results with Pinterest. Good audience and excellent conversions are just some of the things marketers have managed to say about Pinterest.

It is important to be aware of the basics offered by Pinterest, before you start pulling up your socks with the appropriate strategy. Before you begin marketing with Pinterest, it is important for you to know who you are targeting. Knowing your target audience and understanding what they want from you is essential before you get started with working on a particular platform. Most people want followers as fast as possible. This makes you concentrate on gaining more followers instead of improving your pins. For Pinterest, you need to realize that followers are not as important as repins and likes. You need to get more likes and repins from your audience to grow.

The third and the most important thing that you need to realize is that Pinterest is a powerful and very useful search engine. This medium tailors the way pins are seen by the end users. You can tailor the pins to suit the interest of your audience.

Now, that you are ready with the basics, let’s start understanding how Pinterest can help you gain more traffic.

Better your Profile

It is important to make your profile better on Pinterest if you are planning to win more conversions. Profile optimization will get you more engagement. If you are planning on improving your business with Pinterest, then you need to convert your existing profile to a business profile. Add keywords that will improve and optimize the profile to build the right contacts. It should showcase your experience, and help your audience understand what you do. Your profile bio should talk about what you do, and should include all the important things that convey your expertise.

Create & Optimize Boards

Creativity will help boost your visibility on Pinterest. Your boards need to grab your visitor’s attention if you want to generate more conversions. Clean & well-organized boards will help you build your user base. Describe your boards in as little words as you can; make sure your description helps deliver the message. Create boards using targeted keywords that will optimize your work and establish your presence.

Keep Pinning

Once you have the profile and the boards ready, you can begin pinning the different images that you feel will capture your audience’s attention. The kind of images you use will define the interest that your audience will have in your work. You should ideally use large, tall and eye-catching images that will drive the traffic towards you. When you are writing the description, try not to stuff in too many keywords. Work on detailed description that will use appropriate keywords and build your brand effectively. Include URL that will navigate them to the website you have so that you can maximize your audience on the website. When you are naming the images, you should use names that are search-engine friendly as well as easy to remember. Don’t choose names that are pretty common. Be creative in the nomenclature as that will help your audience know if your work is worth repining. When you are describing the pin, don’t use hashtags.

Pinning Strategy

It is important to pin with a strategy so that you can build on your audience. When you are using Pinterest, it is important to follow a strategy. How often should you pin on your boards? What sort of pin should go on which day? What kind of content should go on a particular day? You need to work on this strategy before you begin pinning. Once you have pinned quite a few images, it is time to revisit your pins and analyze if they did the work for you or not. Monitoring and tracking your performance is very important to keep up with your business goals.

By following these tips, you can engage your audience and keep improving your website traffic.