As the name describes this blog, it is about the social platforms describing the resemblance for new developments that prospects can look for. This blog shares the news revolving the new modules, features or complete startups that come up with similar but tweaked business models to be out and standing. Thoughts and concepts shared here are by the community of TRooTech Business Solutions that offers website developments, android app developments, iOS app developments, Windows app developments and all the work arounds technically involved like the custom back end admin panels, web services/APIs, etc. specifically for the projects related and relevant to the Social vertical.

Implementation Overview Focused by TRooTech

When you think of TRooTech Business Solutions, we define a new direction and approach for developments that is based on relevancy and termed as “Similar Social Websites” which is our Unique Selling Proposition to make for social platform developments. We develop solutions for our clients simply when they propose they want a website like some of the reference website they like around. Generally those sites are popular and we already follow the models of many of them for our clients. Will await to hear from prospective approaches right for any such social requirements.